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Medical Frontiers


Established in 2014, is an online platform for promotion of public health and interactions with medical professionals.

The group collaborated with leading experts in the field from Italy and developed the “China-Europe Continuing Medical E-learning Program” since 2014.  It aims at sharing its achievements among the medical community and educating the Chinese medical clinicians and personnel as well. The following educational programs have been launched for public access over the years.

“Matrix Project – Case Studies”, a newly launched educational program has invited numerous well-known local experts as facilitators, to define studies and to explore a setting on typical and challenging cases from every specialty in medicine including Cardiovascular, Nephrology and General Surgery areas to be discussing and sharing information among the professionals during the online sessions. The group intends to enhance the interactions between Chinese medical personnel and the specialists from other countries, and offering a medium of communication about the diagnosis and treatment planning skills of the clinicians, as well as to drive the medical development in China. Through online e-learning platform, this provides clinicians access to acquiring medical materials in a very convenient way.
Other than the medical e-learning program, Lee’s Pharm is delighted to share on the broader aspects of medical knowledge to the public by live streaming workshops regularly. This could help to relieve patient stress and anxiety by receiving medical knowledge through the platform, while reducing psychological burden in the process of seeing a doctor.