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Drug Safety Information


The Drug and Device Vigilance Department

The Drug and Device Vigilance Department of Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (“the group”) (former name was The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring), has been established since 2012 and changed its name in 2014, is responsible for vigilance activities in the group by monitoring of adverse drug reactions (ADR) and other medicine-related safety issues including collection, evaluation and management of ADR data of the group’s products. Responsibilities of the department is to manage the possible adverse events, to identify and evaluate the risk, as well as report and submit drug safety cases to the relevant authorities as needed. The department will examine the existing reporting procedure and eliminate or minimize factors that provide educational and training materials to raise awareness on medicine safety. 

Currently, the team consists of 9 people, and 5 of whom possess a master’s degree. The department head, as the Director of The Drug & Device Vigilance Department, Dr. Dong Mei-rong, is an attending physician and a licensed pharmacist with extensive experience in pharmacovigilance training and medical management.

Reporting System

The drug safety management system (eSafety system) was introduced which enables the team to promptly evaluate safety and provide efficient operation of the department. Communication channels include email and 24-hour hotline are set up relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring and reporting of adverse effects with the group’s products. 
To Report an Adverse Event or Side Effect
+86 4000080950 (24hours)
Hong Kong:
+852 2314 1282 / 2314 6500 (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)