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Corporate Overview

Innovation, Excellence & Resilience

The goal of Lee's Pharm is to become a successful biopharmaceutical group in Asia providing innovative products to fight diseases and improve health and quality of life.

Our History

Listed on the GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“HKEx”) Limited since July 2002 and successfully transferred of listing to the Main Board of the HKEx in May 2010, Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (“Lee's Pharm” or “the Group”) is an integrated research-driven and market-oriented biopharmaceutical company publicly listed in Hong Kong with over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in China.

Business Growth

From the time when the Group was established in 1994, the primary business focus of the Group has been on the development, manufacture and sales of proprietary biopharmaceutical products in cardiovascular and infectious diseases area. During the 1990s, the Group has developed 3 technology platforms, namely, (i) the snake venom technology, (ii) the low molecular weight heparin technology, and (iii) the water-based gel delivery system, and has equipped itself with GMP-compliant workshops in Hefei, Anhui Province for the production of (i) bulk pharmaceutical for injection and lyophilized powder for injection, and (ii) gel.

Listing on the HKEx

Since the listing on the HKEx GEM in 2002, the Group has expanded its business operation and scope. During the 2000s, the Group has expanded its operations to include the commercialization of mature licensed-in products from United States, Europe and other countries and has broadened its business scope to include other therapeutic areas such as paediatrics, woman health, rare diseases, dermatology, obstetrics, urology, oncology and ophthalmology.

Following the transfer of listing to the HKEx Main Board in 2010, the Group continued to scale up its business. During the 2010s and up to date, the Group has expanded its production facilities to include the production of topical gel, lyophilized powder for injection, small volume parenteral solutions and eye gel products in Hefei and the production of medical device and inhale formulation, solid dosage formulation and ophthalmic products in Guangzhou. Currently, the Group has capability for developing and providing full range of pharmaceutical products.


The Group is fully integrated with solid infrastructures in drug development, clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing, sales and marketing based in Mainland China with global perspectives. The Group has established extensive partnerships with over 20 international companies and currently markets over 25 proprietary, generic and licensed-in pharmaceutical products in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The Group focuses on several key disease areas such as cardiovascular, woman health, paediatrics, rare diseases, oncology, dermatology and obstetrics. It has more than 40 products under different development stages stemming from both internal research and development as well as from the licensing of development, commercialisation, and manufacturing rights from various United States, European and Japanese companies.