• Board of Directors

    Executive Directors
    Ms. Lee Siu Fong (Chairman)
    Ms. Leelalertsuphakun Wanee (Managing Director)
    Dr. Li Xiaoyi (Chief Executive Officer)

    Non-executive Director
    Dr. Marco Maria Brughera

    Independent Non-executive Directors
    Dr. Chan Yau Ching, Bob
    Mr. Lam Yat Cheong
    Dr. Tsim Wah Keung, Karl

  • Place Of Business In Hong Kong

    Unit 110-111, Bio-Informatics Centre,
    No. 2 Science Park West Avenue,
    Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin,
    Hong Kong

  • Group Chart

  • Hong Kong Share Registrar And Transfer Office

    Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
    Room 1712-1716,
    17th Floor, Hopewell Centre,
    183 Queen’s Road East,
    Hong Kong

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